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Global Telehealth Conference 2018

Submissions should be prepared in Word or Latex using the formatting instructions and must then be converted to PDF file format before being uploaded to the paper submission portal.  Accepted authors will subsequently be required to provide final revised submissions in Word or Latex file format in compliance with IOS Press book formatting instructions, by email, so the file can be forwarded directly to IOS Press.



Submissions are sought addressing current work on research and practice in Telehealth, including (but not limited to):

  1. Clinical applications of telemedicine
  2. Teleconsultation and telecollaboration
  3. Tele-procedures and robotic surgical methods
  4. Telecare and remote patient monitoring
  5. Tele-education and clinical training
  6. Evaluation and benefits of telehealth
  7. Smart homes and assistive technologies
  8. mHealth, mobile and wireless applications
  9. Web, internet and online health resources
  10. Gaming and simulation for health behaviour
  11. Preventive health and health promotion
  12. Public health interventions and surveillance
  13. Telehealth technologies and services
  14. Telehealth for rural or remote areas
  15. Telehealth in resource limited settings
  16. Telehealth policy and governance issues
  17. Telehealth software and systems
  18. International trends and perspectives





To make a submission for GT2018, please complete the "submit paper" information and then use "upload file" to submit your full paper for peer reviewing.






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